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Business Administration

To fulfill our defined mission and philosophy, effective managerial skill is considered to be of vital importance to corporate success. In order to meet our target objectives our organization is filled with high quality staff specializing in specific areas of operation and responsibility.

Organization chart

The organization has been structured in accordance with relevant functions as follows:

Central Administrative Office

Centrally responsible for sales support, purchasing, international correspondence, bulk sales to repackers, product registration , public and private relation coordination.

Finance and Account Section

Responsible for company finance management and legally required systematic accounting in line with business rules and regulations.

Human Resources and Customer Relation.

Responsible for improvement in company productivity and structuring of the organization to ensure of inter-business units have synergy and unity.

Research and Development.

Responsible for trial work to support product development and registration. Providing technical support to sales and marketing personnel and to give advice to customers at all levels including distributors and growers.

Customer Relation

To enable us to clearly understand and deliver customer needs we believe in utilising effective customer relation as an important vehicle. Good customer relations often helps in generating mutual trust and confidence for which we believe are beneficial to all parties including farmers.

Marketing Section.

Key responsibilities for the Marketing Section are to develop marketing plans, to define product, pricing and distribution strategies. The section is also responsible for coordinating with the sales section to co-develop sales promotion, advertising and public relation plans. Other responsibilities include acquisition/generation of market information, market research and market requirements.

Sales Section

The section is responsible for sales competition analysis, development of sales strategies and sales plans for medium and long term periods. Also to propose sales budgets and resource requirements as well as to verify and follow up sales performance and to provide PR service to distributors at all levels and farmers.

Seed Development

With good supply of water and soil successful farming begins with the use of high quality seed. To widen our farm input portfolio and to full fill grower demand for improved productivity we have embarked on a programmer of seed development and distribution on a selective basis in 2008. With Nunhems from the Netherlands as partner we have shouldered our efforts in selecting and developing specific varieties of chilies and tomatoes believed to be appropriate to local market demand. With farmer cooperators we earnestly conducted field trials in several provinces in North and North East Thailand for chilly and tomato varieties. Such cooperation also involves support and cooperation from local agricultural universities and agricultural institutes. Up to now 5 varieties of chilies and 3 varieties of tomatoes have been locally registered with following trade names. Chillies: Morakot, Sihanard, Hot father, Hot Brother and Fantastic. Tomoto: Top Lady, Erawan and Aiyara.

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  • มรกต
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  • ฮ็อทฟาร์เธอร์
  • แฟนแตสติค


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