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Aiyara Agricultaral Chemicals Co., Ltd.

As a member of the Erawan Group, Aiyara Packing Co. Ltd. has been selling and distributing agricultural chemicals since 1999. Our products fall into four main groups: herbicides, pesticides, disease control and growth hormones.

Our network of dealers, located in key places in every region of the country, distributes these quality products to producers of rice, fruits and vegetables all across Thailand.


Through an ongoing program of educational training and hands-on workshops that simulate actual conditions, the company aims at improving the quality of its employees, especially those within the organization. There is a monthly training session so that staff can stay abreast of proper techniques for using the company’s products and can pass on this knowledge to actual users.


The company selects high-quality products from reliable sources of raw materials that meet international standards. Likewise, the company’s own packaging has been improved to comply with accepted standards and to keep users as safe as possible.


The company selects reliable dealers in each of our distribution areas. We also ensure that the specific products suited to local market demands are always in stock in adequate supplies throughout the year.

Activities with our dealers

We employ a well-trained sales team to work with dealers and retailers so that the right information about our products gets to dealers and ultimately our customers. As part of the company’s market expansion program, there are regular workshops and training programs hosted by experts who work directly with farmers in the field. This ensures that farmers have a good understanding of how best to use our products to increase their yields, boost their income and improve their standard of living.